What is Across The Spread?

Across The Spread provides you with the global financial market landscape through the lens of Asia markets and developments through multimedia content by Tokyo-based financial content creator Weston Nakamura, former host of the Market Depth Podcast on Blockworks Macro and Global Markets Editor at Real Vision with a background in listed derivatives trading at Goldman Sachs and hedge fund sales at Jefferies.

Across The Spread identifies the key market developments stemming from the Asia Pacific trading session, and connects them to the major developed regions globally, across equities, bonds, currencies and commodities, with particular focus on U.S. and European market impact from Asia Pacific drivers, catalysts, and risks.

Whether its the Bank of Japan and its enormous influence over the global fixed income universe, China and spillovers from both its economic and policy volatility, Taiwan and South Korea’s integral role on global semiconductor manufacturing, the state of Australian commodities and global industrial activity, or the global financial powerhouse hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong - what happens in Asia matters greatly to markets, economies and global policy outside of Asia.

Yet, this region of massive global influence, where every single trading day begins, is regularly overlooked, leaving traders and investors to grasp for irrelevant narratives echoed out of major western financial media outlets in order to explain market behavior.

This basic but major flaw in global market approach exercised by many the west can often provide those who are cognizant of the full global picture with an “understanding-arb” to exploit.

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The reason I am not working on a trading floor now (despite the humbling recruitment efforts), and instead, choose to create financial content is simply due to following a genuine passion.

It’s no secret that I love markets, and enjoy the daily puzzle of figuring out green and red blinking tickers, even if I happen not to be actively trading at a given moment. But what I discovered during my time as Real Vision’s Global Markets Editor and subsequently host of the Market Depth podcast on Blockworks Macro is - I am truly passionate about making differentiated, value-adding, and sometimes amusing financial markets content for others to consume.

While my passion drives my work, sustaining Across The Spread as an independent endeavor necessitates revenue and operating income.

By supporting Across The Spread with a paid subscription, you will be directly contributing to my ability to hire and delegate production tasks, and cover various other costs necessary in maintaining and growing a free multimedia platform- which then enables for more of my time and attention to devote to deeper market analysis, timelier releases, and ultimately better overall content. Paid subscriptions are partnerships- and are crucial in sustaining the very content and platform that they consume.

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Ultimately, your support of Across The Spread will be the key determinant of its very existence. I genuinely believe in the value proposition of unique Asia market insights and tie-ins to global markets that Across The Spread seeks to provide. I also strongly believe that Across The Spread should be beholden to its engaged community, rather than dependent on a concentrated source of revenue (such as a brand sponsorship or an exclusive media platform, great as they may or may not be) - because we are at our best when we are independently unconstrained.

Subscribe to Across The Spread, join us in supporting the mission of spreading knowledge of Asia’s impact on global markets to investors and market enthusiasts worldwide, and let’s build this together from ground-up.

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Market commentary and insights out of Asia with global market impact by Weston Nakamura- former Goldman macro trader turned financial content creator & podcast host in Tokyo. Asia impacts global equities, bonds, currencies and commodities - find out how.


Across The Spread Podcast. Tokyo-based, tying Asia with the global macro picture with differentiated views & original content on markets & policy. Former Goldman & Jefferies sales & trading, Real Vision & Blockworks